Machine Learning Corporate Training Events

Numeric Insight, Inc regularly offers classroom training on machine learning and related topics including deep learning. Contact us to schedule a training event in your company.

Big Data and analytics are at the center of a powerful movement. Businesses are using machine learning to parse, reduce, simplify and categorize data. However, it is daunting for the newcomer to get on board and become part of the movement. Most reference texts on machine learning are aimed at researchers or those who can invest a significant amount of study time, which is difficult to do in today’s busy world. 

Numeric Insight, Inc offers tutorials in which you will easily absorb the ABCs of machine learning concepts, terms and methodology while enjoying a learning journey virtually free of complex mathematics. You will understand how computers can be taught to detect patterns and make predictions. You will learn how to build models and evaluate machine learning algorithms. We will start with simple examples and cover concepts that you might have heard of (but wondered what they are all about) such as Bayesian classifiers, clustering, decision trees and more.

The tutorials introduce machine learning concepts starting with a question such as "How does a bank implement a marketing strategy using their vast stores of data?" The concepts around classifiers will be introduced using simple and intuitive methods. Those with little or no prior exposure to machine learning or statistical pattern recognition have often heard the hand-waving phrase " .. take all this data and analyze it to arrive at ..." The mystery around the word "analyze" will be effectively cleared. No complex mathematics will be used.

We are known for an engaging style of communicating complex ideas. We help the audience make connections between what they already know and what they have set out to learn. We recognize that learners look for practical applications of study they invest in. 

Past attendees credited the ease with which they were able to absorb new concepts to a unique teaching method: machine learning concepts were illustrated using live working algorithms. 

There will be no advertisements of the type seen in most such tutorials. Also absent: the ever annoying company sales pitch.

Who is this class for? 

Business leaders: You will invest just a little bit of time to pick up the basics of machine learning. This can help you formulate solvable problems and navigate the sea of potential technological options that can be used to realize business value 

Technical Individuals: What you learn will be your springboard to further study as you go on to experiment and design your own algorithms to solve your problem. By learning how machine learning problems are formulated and solved, you can go on to build your own applications in large scale frameworks. 

Job Seekers: Pick up skills and get hired by companies that are increasingly seeking to use data to increase productivity and competitiveness.​