Algorithm Development

Numeric Insight has been outstanding as a provider and creator of custom number crunching algorithms. It has often been credited with generating valuable insight — even before getting immersed in the details of algorithm design — simply by asking just the right questions to find out what the real problem is. The outcome is a sharp clarity on vital problem elements such as what exactly the input is, what processes the input must undergo to be transformed into the output, and compelling ways to visualize and interpret the results. These result in optimal algorithms that ensure that the products operate safely, correctly, efficiently, reliably and profitably. 

Designing robust and efficient scientific algorithms is a highly nontrivial task. Very often, commercial off-the-shelf application software is unable to adapt to an application’s unique needs. The numerical operations needed to drive that application are substantially different from the canned choices available in enter-view-edit tools. 

Time and again we have seen that, even when well-known algorithms exist, the computational problems involved in an application cannot be solved with the algorithm in its textbook avatar. 

Numeric Insight takes pride in creating algorithms specifically tuned to the application on hand. Such algorithms have consistently proven to improve quality, eliminate production errors, lower costs and exceed consumer expectations for products at competitive prices.

Numeric Insight works with companies large and small, and universities, who have discovered the strategic advantages of outsourcing projects that require scientific programming and algorithm development. The advantages are many: having rapid access to expertise and intellectual property, ability to see the application live on the web or mobile device, ability to supplement the capabilities of in-house R&D function, reduced risk, reduced time to market and freedom to focus on core competence or activities. 

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Clinical Trials

By establishing an effective collaboration with the clinical team, Numeric Insight brings a key element of clinical trials to the forefront – statistical interpretation of clinical data. Effective collaboration between clinician and statistician is of paramount importance. 

Speaking the language of clinicians, we facilitate interaction in the early phases of a clinical trial project. This identifies, at an early stage, known scientific and statistical problems that must be solved and can help steer clear of unsolvable problems. 

Numeric Insight offers statistical support for all phases of clinical trial research — initial planning, study design, protocol development, stage-by-stage analysis/meta-analysis, reporting, numerical support for manuscripts and presentations, and interactions with regulatory agencies. [Read about training for Clinical Trials in the next section]​ 

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Technical Training

Numeric Insight provides custom designed training classes in statistics for six sigma, applied mathematics, optimization, image processing, signal processing, pattern recognition and machine learning. We also offer training in algorithm development platforms. Although we do have experience offering web-based instruction, we have delivered some of our most impactful sessions in a classroom, or on-site. 

Numeric Insight can maximize your rapid application of newly learned material by tailoring the course with examples specific to your company or industry. We are known for making difficult concepts easy to understand and apply, and for our engaging style and personal attention. 

We also offer a hands-on workshop on statistics for clinical trials. We have a precise understanding of what makes statistics difficult to appreciate and apply. We have seen that the only way to firmly grasp the complex concepts involved in clinical trials (and go on to realize that these are actually simple concepts) is by instructor-assisted exploration within the context of a mock clinical trial. What is the primary endpoint? What is the comparator for the new treatment? What rule will be used to assign treatments? How many patients are needed? How many centers? What data will be collected? How many follow-up visits are essential? How will blinding be applied? 

After an effective hands-on workshop, not only will a participant cease to regard these questions as academic, but will be able to actively participate in answering these questions.​ 

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Educational Outreach

Numeric Insight collaborates with volunteer scientists and engineers to provide stimulating classroom visits to excite interest in science, technology, engineering and math education (STEM). The teachers and administrators of middle and high schools have been assisting us in this utterly fulfilling undertaking: helping students discover that science and math are fascinating and relevant. Our engaging educators are absolutely excited about what they do and bring unique learning opportunities into the classrooms they visit. If this interests you, do contact us!

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